[Galician Language Tecnologies and Applications]   

Galician Language Tecnologies and Applications

Available resources    En galego

RILG: Integrated Language Resources for Galician


CLUVI Parallel Corpus (download)

Galician Technical Corpus (CTG) (download)

SensoGal Parallel Corpus

SemCor-ILI Corpus (download)

Lexical resources

Galnet Dictionary (Android app on Google Play and F-Droid)

Galician Synonym Dictionary (download) - (Android app on Google Play and F-Droid)

Galnet - Galician WordNet 3.0 (download)

Dicionario de dicionarios

English-Galician CLUVI Dictionary

Specialized lexical resources

Galician toponymy - Aquén

Termoteca - Terminological Databank of the University of Vigo (download)

Neoteca - Neologisms Databank of the University of Vigo

Dicionario de dicionarios de xirias


Apertium machine translation

Galician spell checker - OrtoGal

DContado - Textual analysis

DBpedia Spotligh - Galician Wikification - Entity annotation with Wikipedia (download)


Lingaliza - NLP Tools for Galician

Galician FreeLing

SLI-Tagger - Galician Sense and POS Tagging

Historical linguistics

Corpus Xelmírez - Corpus Lingüístico da Galicia Medieval

Biblioteca Dixital da Galicia Medieval (BGM)

Dicionario de dicionarios do galego medieval


[download] Vocabulaire panlatin des pneumopathies professionnelles

[download] Panlatin Biofuel Glossary

[download] Panlatin Climate Change Glossary

Dictionary of Legal Terminology: Galician-Spanish

Dictionary of Computing: Galician-English-Spanish

Other lexical resources

French-Galician CLUVI Dictionary

Spanish-Galician CLUVI Dictionary

English-Portuguese CLUVI Dictionary

Xalicionariu - Dicionariu das falas dos tres lugaris

Latipedia - Wikipedia in Romance Languages