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Galician Language Tecnologies and Applications


Welcome to the pages of the TALG Group (Galician Language Tecnologies and Applications) of the University of Vigo. Here you will find contact information, information about the members of our group, our publications and an overview of our research areas and projects. The TALG group of the University of Vigo is formed by the research teams from the Computational Linguistics Group (SLI) and the Observatory of Neology, and is part of the European infrastructure of CLARIN Knowledge Centres.

Through our web pages, you can access to several public resources in Galician linguistic technologies developed by the TALG group, as the SLI machine translation system for Spanish-Galician, the RILG server with integrated language resources for Galician, the OrtoGal free online Galician spell checker, the Multilingual Galnet Dictionary, the Galician DBpedia, the Galician Synonym Dictionary, the CLUVI Corpus with parallel texts for Galician language, the CTG - Galician Technical Corpus, the SensoGal Corpus with lemmatised and semantically-tagged parallel texts, the Neoteca application to our Galician neologisms databank, the Aquén consultation tool for Galician toponymic terms, and the Freeling, SLI-Tagger and Lingaliza systems for the automatic linguistic analysis of Galician. You can check here a full list of our on-line public linguistic resources.

Thank you for your interest.